About Us

Who we are...

Development means assisting people to meet their needs as well as helping them create a bright future for themselves. The above is core to the reason we exist. We so much embrace the principle of “fair share”.

Adisoft Investments Limited is a Private Limited Liability company incorporated in Uganda under the Company Act (Cap 110) of Uganda in 2012.

It commenced its operation the same year with ICT services being at the Centre of its operation and currently it’s diversifying into other sectors through integrating its activities.

The company is managed by the Managing Director (M.D) who oversees and directs the day to day operation of the activities the business is undertaking. The M.D is assisted by other managing partners and a team of dynamic and smart working professionals to effect the smooth running of the business.

We are a young dynamic and focused company with ambitious goal of maturing into a medium sized enterprise and later in to a large group of companies. It’s a positive idea with greater possibility given our broad understanding of the environment as private sectors and corporate bodies has become the main driving force for economic growth.

This thus will enable us create an enormous opportunity  such as jobs and better incomes for this rapidly growing populace which will promote and enhance people’s livelihood and enable them fully participate in economic development.

Whether you are an individual or a corporate company you then can approach us with confidence and prospect of success because the local knowledge backed by these three years of achievement in Uganda makes us to attain a significant edge in most investment prospect.

Look to us for all the sophistication you would expect from highly profiled and experienced companies.

Our Business Objectives

  • To operate and provide further an environment that encourages fair competition and market efficiency.
  • To increasingly access and link our company to credible and appropriate credit institutions or mainstream capital markets. This will enable our expansion and growth.
  • To develop and increase more specialized skills relevant in the industries we shall operate now and in future such as management training, production and distribution technology, marketing, technology, and research.
  • To overcome market failures through establishing multiple institutional partnerships with other firms; producer groups like trade associations and chamber of commerce; clients, suppliers and centers of research. This will provide useful market intelligence and new business opportunities.


To be the preferred investment company in providing a high-end products and services to clients with a constant greater experience and local module.


To beat the challenge and tailor its services and products to best interest of the clients, industry while upholding company and stakeholder’s values.


  • Ingenuity
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Ethical foundation
  • Excellence