ICT and Electronic Services

We handle general ICT Services like: Computer Repair and maintenance, Networking, Software and Hardware Installations & Updates, TV/DVD/VCD Repairs, CCTV camera installations, Access & Work attendance control system, etc...

Research and Consultancy

Get reliable research services like: Research planning and design, Data Collection, Data Analysis, Report Writing, Thesis/Dissertation research assistants. Very supportive in project management, Typsetting, printing and photocopying services,etc.

Estate management & Civil Engineering

Looking for land or house to buy/rent, construction or far-away from your property and need competent persoon/firm to manage, then we are here to relieve of that burden. Also, selling your property, then we are ready to get the buyer

Agricultural Services

Handling many seedlings especially citrus fruits like; grafted oranges and mangoes, avocado,jackfuit; other trees good for timbers such as: pines, malayina, mvule, eucalyptus, musisi, etc. We also raise flowers good for compound decorations amongst others.

More services we offer


  • Installation of Network Equipment.
  • Troubleshooting Network related issues
  • Configurations of LAN, WLAN, and its aided devices.
  • Extension of Network via cable and wireless
  • Hotspot, VPN, Firewall, etc…

Computer Training

Get basic hands on practical skills on:

  • Computer applications (Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Access, Publication, etc.)
  • Computer Repair and Maintenance (Hardware and Software, Networking, etc)
  • Web development with basic HTML ans other GUI applications.

Computer repair

Get out of the challenges you are having with your computers, printers, photocopiers and ICT related devices:

  • Hardware & Software Installations
  • Repairs and Upgrades
  • Data Recovery
  • Configurations & Troubleshooting errors
  • DVD/VCD/TV Repairs, etc…


  • Project Management
  • Research proposal Design and Write up
  • Questionnaire Design
  • Data Collection, Entry and Analysis
  • Report Writing, etc.

Agricultural Services

Agriculture is key in most development and we are carrying out raising of seedlings of various types;

  • Grafted Oranges and mangoes
  • Jackfruits, guava, pawpaw and many other fruits…
  • Cashew-nut and sheanut.
  • Flowers of many varieties for compound decorations
  • Plants good for hardwood timbers like; pine-trees, malayina,


  • Indoor and Outdoor camera installations
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Access control and time attendance systems
  • Video and Audio intercom
  • etc.

Artistic Theatre (Goga Online)

GOGA, is a local Lango/luo vocabulary term of ancient Lango time that means ‘entertainment’, characterized by plays, music, dances, poets, etc” . GOGA is a pioneer online platform that brings together traditional, popular and art music, recited word, dances, stories, recollections of lost music, dances, traditional war-dances and instruments’ described as the lost glories of Lango’ in the last 50 years which are significant in bringing back the sweet memories and re-engineering the musical/entertainment future of Lango cultural identity and heritage. A traditional dance and musical songs theater center reveals our traditional dance, local music songs, local christians songs, films and comedy of the Lango entertaining realm in Uganda. We bring this opportunity for Lango traditional dancers and musical song actors to demonstrate talents, innovation and creativity in traditional dance and local songs in the digital platform by publishing and enabling accessibility by the public.

Why Goga?

Lango traditional dance and musical songs is waning at unprecedented level that one imagine lack of; traditional and musical platforms, regular cultural festivals and collapse of cultural/ popular local believes is attributed to the cause of these challenge. Modern traditional dances and songs is dominating Lango local dance and musical industry at approximately 80%. We seek to have over 2/3 of Lango ethnic tribe visitors and friends know much about traditional dance and musical songs, a symbol of rich cultural prestigious cultural identity that have earned fortune and recognition for Lango people as far as 19th century stretching across East and Central Africa. We bring traditional dance and musical songs traced from 19th century, the age years of ‘Happy Uganda of 1930s’, post Uganda independence and modern Lango community shaped by conflict events. We are here for the Lango people, visitors and friends who will begin to witness precious traditional dance, musical songs fortunes and glories lost over five decades ago, we also strive to revive, preserve and promote cultural identity and heritage of lango people which include “myel lweny (war dance), Kiri, Ikoce, Abuda, Olengtere, Okeme, myeloko (rain making), ewor or owor (ceremony of initiation to an age-set)”.